What is Felt ?

    Felt is used in himalayas to protect from harsh cold climate. This material is used in the himalays from thousands of years. Felt can be described as a mass of matted raw lamb's wool. Imported from New Zealand and Tibet. This raw wool is first carded and then dyed into different colors as desired in different forms for the final product. The Products range from Felt Bag, Felt Purse, Felt Flower, Felt Key Ring, Felt Shoes, Felt Ornaments, Felt Jewelry etc. The type of dye usually used is Swiss dye. The Products are 100 % Handmade.

    Felt products are purely made by shaping the raw wool with soap and water and human hand pressure, no chemicals are used during this process. Thus shaped product is dried under the sun. Due to its unique manufacturing process, any desired shape can be created.

    In Felt Wool Products, most employees are women. Most women who hasn't completed their high schooling and come from remote villages of Nepal. They came to Kathmandu for their better future. Some housewives from lower income group from Kathmandu also join our company in their free time for Extra Income. This in turn has helped women around Nepal, in improving their living standard.

    Few Samples
Nepal Felt Bag
Nepal Felt Bag
Nepal Felt Bag
Nepal Felt Craft
Handcrafted Products from Nepal
Handcrafted Felt Wool Products
Felted Wool Products from Nepal
Felted Wool Products from Nepal

Shirdiki Handicrafts mainly concern with the world wide agents/partners and distributors and seeks "Long Term Business Relationship". So, we never comprise with quality of products. And with best quality and good reasonable price we believe we can achieve that goal.

We, also, welcome your own design and color combination. We will be more than happy to produce these products.

In this website, we have displayed very few samples for general viewing. We have hundreds of designs to choose from. If you need more sample photos or  any other information please email us at info@feltnfeltcraft.com. We will reply promptly.

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Felt Purse

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100 % Handmade Felted Wool Products from Nepal